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Ruby on Rails Consulting

We have been doing Rails development for 5 years and seen many projects. If you need help with your Rails project, we can team up with you and put your project back on the right track.

Full Stack Development

From Rails or Elixir & Phoenix to React.js, every member of our team is a full stack developer – we are as confortable coding your back-end as we are creating pixel perfect UIs. We're eager to build your idea.

Team Integration

Do you have already a development team but need extra help? We like working with other developers. We'll be happy to collaborate with your current team and share all our secrets.

Building Own Products

While we are not helping our clients, we like to spend our time building products for our own needs or for any user. When possible, we love to make them open source.

Continuous Delivery

We implement a Continuous Delivery process in all our projects: once a feature has been completed, it gets automatically tested and delivered to your final users.

Development Investment

If you have a great idea for a new product but you're on a strict budget we can invest in you with our own work in return for equity. Contact us to find out more about this.

An intentionally small team working remotely

We designed our company around a single idea: a better work-life balance for us means higher quality products for you. We decided to be a small company – to do less things but do them better.

After a year where we had an office in Madrid we decided to embrace remote work as part of our core culture. Now our team is distributed all around Europe, but we are free to travel around the world while keeping crafting products for you.

To communicate with you we'll use Slack, Google Hangouts, Pivotal Tracker and other tools so that you won't notice the distance (plus it's ok if you want to wear pajamas while we are having a meeting).

Former team


We believe that programming languages and frameworks are just tools to transform ideas into products. We are not married to any of them. However a good craftsman always uses great tools, so here are the ones we love to use.

What people like you think about our work

Diacode has helped us to create beautiful and technologically kick ass products, from our web to our mobile app. With their entrepreneur mindset they also got involved in our product development from a business perspective.

Loly Garrido - CEO

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