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Packlane is a California based startup which helps brands to create beautiful custom boxes and packaging online.

We helped them to complete and maintain their migration from a Meteor.js app to Elixir and Phoenix with a MongoDB database, collaborating for 6 months until they scaled up their own in-house development team.

Elixir Phoenix Framework Javascript MongoDB Amazon Web Services

Kelisto is a price comparison site for car insurance, energy, finances and communications. They have a first-class in-house development team but they needed extra help to build new products and evolve the ones they already had while keeping up with their impressive growth.

We teamed up with them to build the Energy price comparator from scratch as well as other projects during several months.

Ruby on Rails HAML / SCSS CoffeScript Backbone MongoDB PostgreSQL Heroku

Back in 2013 we attended the LAUNCH Hackathon in San Francisco, where we decided to create something with WebRTC (a brand new technology back then). WebRTC enables p2p videoconference in the browser without the need of external plugins. We build a platform to practice languages with native speakers for free and right in your browser. With that project we won the second prize of the hackathon – it was just an experiment.

In 2014 we spent 4 weeks to make a real product out ouf that experiment and TLKR was born. It's still under heavy development, but you can already sign up and start practicing your favourite language.

Ruby on Rails WebRTC React.js Web Sockets Node.js Socket.io Amazon OpsWorks

Gudog is a p2p marketplace that connects dog owners and dog sitters offering dog boarding, dog walking and doggy daycare. It's the best alternative to dog kennels.

We built the first version of Gudog web app and, more recently, their mobile application (Android & iOS), helping them growth from a basic MVP to a well funded company which is now present in United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain.

Ruby on Rails MySQL Redis Node.js MangoPay Ionic Angular.js Amazon OpsWorks

Goprofe is a p2p marketplace for English classes. It connects students and English teachers in an easy to use platform that greatly simplifies the process of finding a suitable teacher for every need.

We helped goprofe founders bring their idea to life from zero to MVP. We took care of wireframing, designing and coding both the backend and the frontend in a tight deadline.

Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL React.js MangoPay Amazon OpsWorks

A web application for helping solicitors (a special type of attorney) in their daily job. You can think about it as a full project manager for solicitors.

Ruby on Rails HAML SASS CoffeeScript MySQL Sphinx Tesseract OCR

Webzine in Spanish about design, longboard, music and trash culture.

Ruby on Rails HAML SASS CoffeeScript

VersosPerfectos is a Hip Hop database and webzine in Spanish. It's and old project (launched in 2008) and is still the most recognized website in the Spanish Hip Hop scene. It features a complex database with data from more than 3500 different artists, including discography, lyrics, bio and pictures.

Ruby on Rails ElasticSearch MySQL CoffeeScript

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